Barcelona Pride 2019 NEWS

We finally have the pleasure to announce that during the Barcelona Pride 2019, we are opening our new Draf’s shop, where you can find everything you need for looking the way you deserve!!

We think that this magic party is the perfect excuse for self-deny to you a spectacular mane, a fabulous make-up or make your footsteps sound with a vertiginous pair of «decolté».

What a better way to celebrate to be yourself than continue to enjoy your femenine side, updating your style to keep up them with your personal development?

With great excitment, we invite you also to meet our new creative staff, composed by artists of beauty and photography who collaborate with Laura.

Our new studio is a cosy space, full of beauty, art and femininity, where you can find a lot of new items to satisfy every whim you have.

We wait you in «Calle Valencia, 656, Barcelona» for giving you a renewed glamourous experience, for let you return to board on a sublime pair of high-heels to make shining again the Diva you have inside!!

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