About me crossdressers make up artist

I’m a crossdreser makeup artist, I help men look like women.

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My name is Laura, Im 30 years old, Im a cisgirl (biological woman), im not a crossdresser girl, but Im passionate about transformism, crossdressing and transvestites.

I am a professional makeup artist, specialist for crossdressers.

All my life Ive been playing with dolls until, when I was 15, my parents took away my barbies! Once I discovered makeup, I stopped being upset. Since then  my dolls talk, laugh and walk by themselves. No need to pull apart their arms to dress them or look for their heads like crazy! I soon realized how much I loved transformism, applying makeup on boys and turning them into girls. I began to study aesthetics so I could get to know the skin and its properties.Soon I began to study makeup and morphology. I studied at Stick Art Studio, one of the most renowned makeup academies, where I learnt not only about makeup; I also learnt to respect my models and adapt my knowledge and skills to the needs of every girl. My knowledge allows me to adapt to the needs of everyone, from bride makeup to FX makeup. But what I like the most is transformism, making makeovers to crossdressers. My studio is ready to attend beginning crossdressers whom, by the way, I always give a brand new name for them! I also can help crossdressers who want to learn make up techniques. I guess the difference between crossdresser, transvestite, transformist and transexual is something many people ask themselves. And I love to clearify those questions! I love my job, I love playing with makeup and I always get emotional when I get the visit of new crossdresser girls that fall in love when they see themselves thanks to my makeup. I won’t make you look like a woman, Ill turn you into a woman. Come and see it for yourself!

15 thoughts on “About me crossdressers make up artist

  1. Hi, I’m going to Barcelona next year and I want to visit you. I have a dream , here I have never dressed and walked on the street. But I wish to do it in Barcelona. I hope that I can do it in Barcelona.
    Thank you. And see you next year.

  2. Hola laura, vivo en valencia y escuchando tus alentadores mensajes me quitan el sentido de ridiculo que me frena la necesidad de experimenta esa sensacion necesaria cada vez mas.
    Iria a barcelona solo con el fin de disfrutar una horas con la sesion de transformacion, depilacion y maquillaje.
    Salir a la calle se me hace muy dificil , no me he visto nunca totalmente transformada

  3. Hello Laura,
    I want to thank you here for the magnificent day I had in Barcellona and the beautiful makeup you did to me! I still remember the trill I had walking the Rambla in the afternoon. Barcellona is beautiful but as a Woman with your make up is unforgettable!

  4. I sent you an email yesterday looking to maybe set up a time for a transformation session with photos and everything.

    Before I left on my trip out to Barcelona I started seeing a girl who is very supportive of my crossdressing. I missed her birthday while here and I thought a session with you that included photos would be a great present for both of us.

    Anyway, I have a few weeks of travelling about the country, so there is no rush. Id just like to set up a date so I can kinda plan around that. Thank you and I hope to hear back! !

  5. genial chica, me ha encantado, igual me lanzo y te hago una visita, besitos y agradecerte mucho por lo que veo que haces para las chic@s como nosotras , lo necesitábamos

    1. Joseba, yo siempre digo que la feminidad no se esconde tras tu vestido o tu peluca, sino tras tu actitud, si tu te miras en el espejo y te ves guapa, es imposible que no salga tu feminidad y tus gestos se vuelvan dulces, atractivos y femeninos, no te preocupes por el físico, no hay masculinidad que se me resista 🙂

  6. Buena iniciativa, me gusta! Se ve que te gusta tu trabajo y disfrutas con el.

    Yo soy chico heterosexual que siempre me ha gustado vestirme a escondidas desde que era pequeño, es algo que siempre me ha encantado, además de la moda y escribir en un blog… Son aficiones que nunca he podido sacar a la luz ni compartir como me hubiese gustado, siempre me quede con las ganas de verme “completa” ante el espejo y disfrutar el momento sintiéndome Sandra al 100%.

    Te deseo mucha suerte en este negocio que has echado a andar, una pena que seas de Barna y me pilles tan lejos, porque si no tendrías una clienta y amiga más sin dudas, creo que se puede confiar en ti, que respetas la privacidad y tienes profesionalidad en lo que haces.

    Muchos besitos!


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