25 junio, 2019

crossdressing service

Crossdressing service in Barcelona

It’s time to fully enjoy yourself!
We invite you to visit our exclusive crossdressing and transformation Studio.
We offer an enriching and a funny experience, oriented to everyone who dare to experiment his own feminine side.
We are a staff composed of makeup artists, image advisors, stylists and photographers who can help you to bring life to that part of your indentity that can’t find a place day to day in your life.
A total freeing experience that brings to you the possibility to convert yourself in who you always dreamed to be, independent from your story or your sexual orientation.
In total confidentiality we will advise you and help you to find your own style within a feminine code. And if you want you can also do a photo shooting, where we will catch the maximum expression of your authentic «I».

Enjoy the experience from 79€


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