Crossdressing Studio Barcelona

On 21 diciembre, 2014 by Draf

 The perfect place to dress as a woman.

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An exclusive place where we bring crossdressing to life in a comfortable, safe and profesional space. 

Somewhere where privacy and intimacy are our first priorities. You will enjoy your feminity with total discretion, see yourself in the mirror as you always dreamt to, learn how to apply make up for get ready to go out totally transformed to show your beauty without fear.

Our crossdressing studio in Barcelona has:

Photography Studio

Shop for Crossdressers

You will have at your disposal a huge amount of shoes up to size 49(EU). High heels, boots, wedges…

You can try all of them! Our wigs all have a natural finish and will suit your style perfectly.

We also have plenty of dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, shorts, leggings… all the feminine clothing you always wanted to put on.

The lingerie is a fundamental part to feel like a woman; you can chose amongst  more than 20 different kinds of knickers and we give one for free for each complete transformation set.

Stockings are one of our specialities: etched, plain, fantasy, colorful…

Manicure service in Barcelona

A good manicure always brings life to your hands, I will put your favourite colour in your nails and don’t worry about leaving traces; I use profesional products to clean them and will leave them as before.

You want waxing?

To show off your cleavage legs or back without any hair, you only need to make me an appointment.

You can have the depilatory session the same day of your make un session if you warm me beforehand.

Wardrobe, parcel delivery and laundry service

Do you need somewhere to leave your clothing, shoes or things you like? Here you have a closet where you can keep them with total security.

You can make me receive all your purchases for extra discretion and come to get them whenever you want. It’s free!

 Do you want to go shopping with me?

Enjoy a wonderful evening walking from shop to shop, trying new clothes; I’ll gladly join you.

Crossdressing sessions from 39 euros? Check that page


I want to make crystal clear that this is a place for people to come and dress up, have make up done and enjoy feeling feminine, WE DO NOT offer any kind of sexual service or anything remotely similar. Thanks for your comprehension.



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